Central Office

Office of the Administrator

Ricardo R. Visaya
Email Address: adminoffice@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 922-2795, (632) 926-4510
Fax Number: (632) 926-2846

Office of the Senior Deputy Administrator

Abraham B. Bagasin
Senior Deputy Administrator
Telephone Number: (632) 928-1280
Fax Number: (632) 928-1280

Office of the Corporate Board Secretary

Jiselle Rae A. Villamor
Corporate Board Secretary
Email Address: board.secretary@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 928-8820
Fax Number: (632) 928-8820

Office of the Internal Audit Services

Guillermo C. Mercado
Department Manager (Acting)
Email Address: ias@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 926-2411
Fax Number: (632) 926-2411
Teresita G. Pantalla
Division Manager (Acting)
Financial and Operations Audit
Email Address: ias-foad@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 926-2411
Mary Cresencia J. de Paz
Division Manager (Acting)
Organization and Management Audit
Email Address: ias-omad@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 926-2411

Office of the Corporate Planning Services

Rogelia C. dela Torre
Department Manager
Email Address: cps@nia.gov.ph, corplan.nia@da.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 926-5896
Fax Number: (632) 926-5896
Reynaldo D. Nilo
Division Manager (Acting)
Planning and Programming
Email Address: cps-ppd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 926-2076
Isidora M. Camaya
Division Manager (Acting)
Management Information
Email Address: cps-mid@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 927-0916, (632) 926-5896
Fax Number: (632) 927-0916

Office of the Legal Services

Pepito L. Padilla
Department Manager (Acting)
Email Address: ls@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 926-2566
Fax Number: (632) 926-2566

Office of the Public Affairs and Information Staff

Pilipina P. Bermudez
Department Manager
Email Address: niapais@gmail.com, vparamio@yahoo.com
Telephone Number: (632) 921-3741, (632) 929-6071 to 79 loc. 113 / 119
Fax Number: (632) 921-3741

Office of the Deputy Administrator for Engineering and Operations

C'zar M. Sulaik
Deputy Administrator
Email Address: dep-eos@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 928-9311, (632) 928-9631
Fax Number: (632) 928-9631
Lydia S. Esguerra
Department Manager
Email Address: ed@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 926-7678
Fax Number: (632) 922-2328
Felipa E. Mascariñas
Division Manager
Construction Management
Email Address: ed-cmd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 925-4614
Robert M. Villanueva
Division Manager (Acting)
Design and Specifications
Email Address: ed-dsd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 921-0018, (632) 929-8944
Reynaldo B. Villanera
Division Manager
Project Planning
Email Address: ed-ppd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 926-7678
Romeo M. Lopez
Department Manager
Email Address: od@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 928-4254
Fax Number: (632) 928-4254
Wilhelm S. Tiangco
Division Manager (Acting)
Equipment Management
Email Address: od-emd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 928-4254
Bayani P. Ofrecio
Division Manager
Institutional Development
Email Address: centralidd@yahoo.com, od-idd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 927-7802
Mariano R. Catan Jr.
Division Manager (Acting)
Irrigation Engineering Center
Email Address: od-iec@nia.gov.ph, bslabiano@gmail.com
Telephone Number: (632) 920-5409
Augustrese S. Torres
Division Manager
Systems Management
Email Address: od-smd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 928-4130, (632) 925-8556

Office of the Deputy Administrator for Administrative and Finance Sector

Romeo G. Gan
Deputy Administrator
Email Address: -
Telephone Number: (632) 926-2388, (632) 926-2165
Fax Number: (632) 926-2165
Ailyne C. Agtuca-Selda
Department Manager
Email Address: ad@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 922-4768, (632) 926-3169
Fax Number: (632) 921-3906
Conchita G. Calsiña
Division Manager
Human Resources
Email Address: ad-hrd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 926-1996
Maria Filipinas F. N. Verzosa
Division Manager
Procurement and Property
Email Address: ad-ppd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 926-2066, (632) 926-3169
Roger M. Malabanan
Division Manager (Acting)
General Services
Email Address: ad-gsd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 928-9207
Catherine DC Binag
Medical Officer IV
Medical and Dental Services
Email Address: ad-mds@nia.gov.ph, cdcbinag@yahoo.com
Telephone Number: (632) 928-4642
Eusebio S. Villamanto
Acting Chief Security Officer
Civil Security Affairs
Email Address: ad-csa@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 922-4768
Editha D. Morales
Department Manager (Acting)
Email Address: fmd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 928-9245, (632) 922-2474, (632) 922-2330
Fax Number: (632) 926-9852
Elizabeth A. Benzon
Division Manager (Acting)
Email Address: fmd-ad@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 928-9245, (632) 926-9852
Sylvia L. Leaño
Division Manager (Acting)
Budget and Revenue
Email Address: fmd-brd@nia.gov.ph
Telephone Number: (632) 922-2474
Casiana C. Saludaga
Division Manager
Email Address: fmd-cd@nia.gov.ph, ofeliavibas@yahoo.com
Telephone Number: (632) 921-3891