NIA Chief warns contractors for delays; advises all for unauthorized use of his name

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 13:52


NIA, Quezon City – NIA Administrator Peter Tiu Laviña, last week, issued cautionary letter among the contractors who were behind the target date of the agreed project completion. This is in line with the new administration thrust to efficiently improve the existing irrigation facilities in a timely manner.

“Among my mandate is to give higher priority to the increase of irrigation area through rehabilitation of existing irrigation facilities”, Administrator Laviña noted.

The concerned contractors which attained very low or poor physical accomplishments as of December 2016 were given a warning by Office of the Administrator to urge them to improve their contract performances.

They were also directed to come up with their respective catch-up plans to address the delays. “We are giving you (contractors) 30 calendar days to submit your firm’s commitment to complete the obligated works as specified in the contract”, Laviña added.

Just recently, the Irrigation Chief told all the contractors dealing with NIA that he will not hesitate to suspend all the contractors who will fail to meet their obligations and will use sub-standard materials for the projects.

“We will impose necessary actions in accordance with the provisions in the contract documents once they failed to adhere to their obligations”, he said.

Meanwhile, Administrator Laviña also cleared his name for those who are deceitfully using his name and his office to gain favor and extort money from the NIA field offices.

“I would like to declare that I have never authorized anyone to use my name and my office in transacting business with the Agency”, he noted.

He asked all the NIA officials, employees, and stakeholders to directly report any questionable transactions involving his name to the Office of the Administrator at (02) 922-2795/926-4510 and look for Mr. Louell Requilman, Head Executive Assistant.