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2017 Mar 3 - 15:59
NIA to generate more community-based works nationwide
2017 Feb 14 - 14:37
Laviña keen to know sit’s on ground, takes no break even on weekend
2017 Feb 8 - 09:14
'Publish all irrigation projects', - Laviña
2017 Jan 25 - 10:15


NIA to generate more community-based works nationwide

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 14:37


NIA, Quezon City - The National Irrigation Administration, on February 14, revealed that NIA is planning to increase its Community-Based Employment Program (CBEP) this year along with its thrust to build more irrigation projects nationwide.

Last year, the agency provided at least 66,340 employments where members of the local communities, where the project/s is being implemented, had their opportunity for an immediate employment.    

Irrigation works include mostly of repair and maintenance of existing irrigation systems, repair of groundwater pump irrigation systems, climate change adaptation, Coconet slope protection, improvement of services roads, etc.

NIA Corporate Planning Services Acting Manager Rogelia Dela Torre noted that the agency, last year, apportioned an estimated amount of Php 24.13 million for the said program. “Kasama dito sa program na ito both yung locally funded and foreign assisted projects natin” she added.

Laviña keen to know sit’s on ground, takes no break even on weekend

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 09:14


NIA Central Office, Quezon City – National Irrigation Administration chief Peter Tiu Laviña, who is currently embarking on field visitations on various NIA regional offices, believed that the best way to effectively support our Filipino farmers is to know their situations and problems ‘first-hand’.

Just recently, Administrator Laviña visited and inspected irrigation systems and facilities in Caraga Region, February 4-5. He also spent time talking to Irrigator Associations (IAs) both on communal and national irrigation systems.

“Our challenge as of the moment is how we can strengthen our IAs with the recently approved No Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) policy”, he said.

The Irrigation head assured each IAs that the agency (NIA) will continue to assist them through its Institutional Development Program (IDP). He even acknowledged the vital role of IAs for a peaceful and organized implementation of the policy (No ISF).

'Publish all irrigation projects', - Laviña

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 10:15


National Irrigation Administration, Quezon City – NIA Administrator Peter Tiu Laviña, today, orders all the National Irrigation Administration – Central, Regional, and Project Offices to publish all the ongoing and proposed irrigation systems for 2017 in their respective regions.

This is  one of the new administration thrust to inform the public about the current endeavors of the agency. “I would like to make available to the public the lists of projects in their areas of  jurisdiction” he added.

Administrator Laviña said that this transparency effort is in support with the current government’s aim to regain the trust and confidence of the public.

“This will help promote open and transparent governance and likewise dispel speculations that NIA is keeping the list to favor certain contractors”, he clarified.

The NIA chief also directed all the Regional Managers to timely post all the irrigation projects for bidding on Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PHILGEPS) and increase efforts to encourage more contractors to join project/s bidding.