NIA conducts validation and investigation of Nangalisan CIS

Friday, March 6, 2020 - 09:52


NIA Central Office – The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) conducted a thorough validation, investigation, and coordination meeting on February 17-20, 2020 at the NIA Cordillera Administrative Region – Benguet Satellite Office to address the issues that were recently raised against Nangalisan Communal Irrigation System (Nangalisan CIS) and restore the flow of irrigation water up to all the reservoir tanks irrigation system.

Located at Barangay Nangalisan, Municipality of Tuba, Benguet, Nangalisan CIS was implemented in two phases. The first phase was funded under the Repair, Rehabilitation, and Restoration of Existing Communal Irrigation Systems (RRRECIS) Fund 2017, while the second phase was under Extension and Expansion (EEECIS) Fund 2017, which were completed in March and July 2018, respectively.

The project was completed in July 2018 after test-run was conducted with the irrigation water reaching up to the ninth reservoir tank. However, when Typhoon Ompong ravaged the region in September 2018, portion of the mainline of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes were carried away by strong currents which made the system non-operational. Meanwhile, the contractor of the project made remedies by installing four smaller parallel pipelines at the source which restored flow of the irrigation water from the first to the eighth reservoir tank.

Upon validation and investigation, illegal turnouts were found. Instead of tapping irrigation water from the designed distribution pipes/turnouts, 12 individual pipelines along the main pipeline were illegally tapped. Similarly, there were damages inflicted intentionally by unknown individuals through hacking of pipelines by bolo. These lead to decrease in the flow of irrigation water which can no longer supply/reach Tanks 5 to 9.

In order to address the issues, NIA Benguet Satellite Office has undertaken immediate repair works which include the installation of 4” diameter HDPE pipes at the source on December 26-28, 2019 to restore the 78-meter damaged pipe near the intake, provision of Permanent Column Support along hanging pipelines from January to February 10, 2020, and embedding of some pipes to prevent illegal tapping.

Moreover, coordination meetings between NIA and the affected farmers resulted to the preparation of detailed design and program of works (POW), issuance of the demand letter to illegal tappers to remove illegally tapped personal pipelines by the legal officer/retainer. To prevent illegal tapping, pipes for use as lateral delivery pipelines by farmer-beneficiaries have been already delivered on February 29, 2020 for installation. In addition, NIA, in agreement with the Local Government Units (LGUs) of Nangalisan, instructed the Nangalisan Irrigators’ Association to maintain and take care of the system.

Nangalisan CIS, whose water source comes from Irisan River, supplies nine reservoir tanks to irrigate a total of 64.25 hectares of agricultural land in the area, benefitting 98 farmers and their families.

NIA welcomes concerns, feedbacks, and/or suggestion from its stakeholders for the improvement of government service delivery and transparency in governance.

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