NIA Does an investigation to persons pretending to be its "agents", illegally collecting commission from a contractor

Monday, March 8, 2021 - 11:25


Administrator Ricardo R. Visaya of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) does an investigation after knowing that there are persons who pretend to be his ‘agents’ illegally collecting a 12% commission from the contractor of a 2M-worth irrigation project funded by a detached government agency.

First in the Four-Point Agenda of Administrator Visaya is to eradicate graft and corruption. Thus, under his leadership, all acts deviating from the marching order given by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, which is to do what is right and what is legal, have to be curtailed.

Investigations are being conducted by the Agency regarding the said allegation so that once proven, due punishment may be imposed immediately to the persons concerned. Even some contractors participating in the bidding process of NIA use the name of the Administrator by telling lies that they already have clearance from him just for them to win. The Agency has observed that this becomes rampant prior to election periods just like what happened before 2019 local elections.

It would be noted that in the previous years, some NIA employees who were proven doing illegal acts in their respective offices were endorsed to the Office of the Ombudsman and were given due action and punishment. Also, in the previous months, several contractors were blacklisted to participate in all government procurement for a certain period of time due to negative slippages in their project contracts.

Administrator Visaya does not tolerate any act of graft and corruption within NIA. He hopes that these acts of enforcing due punishment to those who commit graft and corruption may serve as a warning to all never to use the name of the Agency in doing any illegal act. This applies particularly in collecting money which the Agency does not really carry out.

In case anyone has the knowledge of any person using the name of NIA in their illegal actions, let the Agency, particularly the Office of the Administrator know so that proper investigations and legal actions be conducted immediately.

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