NIA files second formal charge to ombudsman

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 16:47


NIA Central Office – Recently, the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) has filed a graft and corruption case against retired regional officials for alleged anomalies in irrigation project implementation. The move aims for the Ombudsman to conduct further investigation and filing of formal charges to the involved officials if warranted.

In the past few months, four (4) NIA officials were already dismissed and seven (7) were suspended for committing various irregularities and criminal liability in project implementation. On the other hand, nine (9) were relieved from their respective assignments in the field offices and are now under investigation at the Central Office.

The eradication of graft and corruption is foremost in the Four-Point Agenda of NIA Administrator Ricardo R. Visaya. The Agency has been taking immediate actions in response to the alleged anomalies/irregularities among its officials and employees nationwide. For this measure, Administrator Visaya created an Inspection and Assessment Team to monitor all NIA projects, validate all queries and complaints in relation to the projects, assist concerned NIA officials and personnel, and address issues in order to fast-track all pending projects. This includes reforms in governance and immediate conduct of pertinent measures against the vicious cycle of graft and corruption in Philippine government.

While keeping an eye on its officials and employees, this is also to warn those using the name of the Central Office for extortion purposes. NIA, likewise, warns local government officials who hinder and attempt to defer its project implementation as violative to Republic Act No. 3019 or “Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act”.

Meanwhile, NIA has filed a case to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) against a former Barangay Captain in Pangasinan for grave threat and grave coercion to our officials and employees while in the performance of bidding on government projects in the said province.

NIA remains committed to the mandate of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to “Do what is right and what is legal”. The Agency ensures that transparency is always secured so that the completion of irrigation projects would be in accordance to the desired quality and on time or even ahead of its schedule because delays in project implementation mean injustice to the farmer-beneficiaries.

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