NIA issues corrective actions for delayed projects

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 17:41


NIA Central Office – NIA Administrator Ricardo R Visaya’s fundamental pillar of governance is to improve the delivery of irrigation services in operations and project implementation. To ensure the attainment of these services, Administrator Visaya issued several memoranda. One of which is the Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 40, series of 2017, and likewise enforcing MC No. 10, series of 2017.

MC No. 40, s. 2017, provides that when negative slippage of 5% (Early Warning Stage), the contractor shall be given a warning and required to submit a detailed “catch-up” program on a fortnightly (two weeks) basis to eliminate the slippage. On the other hand, if negative slippage of 10% is incurred (ICU Stage), the contractor shall be issued a final warning and required to come up with a more detailed program of activities with weekly physical targets, together with the required input resources. Meanwhile, if the negative slippage reaches 15% or more (Terminal Stage), the implementing offices shall initiate the termination of the contract and/or take-over of the remaining work by administration or assignment to another contractor/appropriate agency.

On the other hand, MC No. 10, s. 2017, provides that Contractors with a negative slippage of at least 15% in any one NIA contract or a negative slippage of at least 10% in each two or more NIA contracts at the time of advertisement or posting in the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS)/NIA websites of the Invitation to Bid shall not be allowed to participate in the procurement of the Agency. The concerned Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) shall be responsible in verifying the actual performance of prospective bidders prior to issuance of bid documents.

Administrator Visaya always warns the field managers to avoid delays in project implementation because any delay in project implementation would mean depriving the Filipino farmers of the irrigation service and benefits that they deserve. The said circumstance is definitely an injustice to the farmer-beneficiaries. Field managers are issued warning for not complying to his directives or, at times, relieved from their station if warranted.

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