Supplemental Notice No. 2 to the Bid Documents for the Excavation of Re-Regulating Pond, Construction of Slope Protection and Drainage Inlet (Sta. 0+000-Sta. 0+260 and Sta. 0+740-Sta. 1+270) under the Lower Agno River Irrigation System Improvement Project

A. The following changes/information are hereby made on the above captioned Invitation to Bid:

  1. The Contract Duration appearing in the Invitation to Bid and Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) shall be changed from "three hundred sixty (360) calendar days including eigthy-nine (89) unworkale days" to "four hundred fifty-four (454) calendar days including one hundred seventy (170) unworkable days".
  2. Delete in its entirety Section VIII. Bid Prices and Bill of Quantities and substitute the herein attached replacement sheets (Attachment Sheet Nos. 1 to 5).
Supplemental Notice
Classroom A