April 2017

NIA welcomes its new Administrator
30 Mar 2017 - 11:10am
"I vow not to let anyone down" - Visaya
4 Apr 2017 - 1:07pm

NIA welcomes its new Administrator

March 30, 2017, 11:10 AM



After swearing in as the new member of the NIA Board of Directors before its Acting Chairman, Cabinet Secretary Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., General Ricardo Ramoran Visaya (Ret.) was elected as the new Administrator of NIA during the 922nd Regular NIA Board Meeting held on 28 March 2017 at the Malacanang Premier Guest House. He will also act as the concurrent Vice-Chairman of the NIA Board.

Cabinet Secretary imparted some words to the new Administrator. Evasco said that “Leaders should lead and be accountable to its members.” He added that employees should “always transact in a very transparent manner, especially that we are in the government; ensure checks and balance, transparency, and accountability in government dealings.”

As Directors, he reiterated, “We simply facilitate. We plan the overall conduct of the agency by laying down policies and guidelines. Our role ends when the role of the Administrator in day to day dealings of the agency begins.” He noted, however, that the Administrator should always keep in mind that he is accountable to the Board in ensuring proper implementation of NIA policies and guidelines.

He also reminded Administrator Visaya that as the new Administrator, his heart and mind should always be for our farmers as they play a very crucial role in our food security. To which Visaya replied, “our farmers are the number 1 clientele of NIA. We will give them what is due them in order to help increase their production.”

Visaya also vowed to fight graft and corruption. He plans to devise mechanisms to ensure maximum transparency. He also said that with the help of the Office of the Cabinet Secretary, he will push for the amendment of Executive Order No. 203, s. 2015 or the application of SSL IV to NIA (and other losing GOCCs). This is a long overdue salary increase for the benefit of the deserving and hardworking employees of NIA.

Gen. Ricardo R. Visaya (Ret.) assumed as the 47th Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines last 1 July 2016. He retired on 8 December 2016 upon reaching the age of 56. He was awarded with the Legion of Honor degree of Commander by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

"I vow not to let anyone down" - Visaya

April 4, 2017, 1:07 PM


Former AFP Chief of Staff and now NIA Administrator Gen. Ricardo R. Visaya during the agency’s Flag Raising Ceremony held at NIA Compound, April 3, 2017

NIA, Quezon City - The new installed irrigation chief Gen. Ricardo R. Visaya (Ret.) talked about his plans and actions for the irrigation sector during the agency’s flag raising ceremony, April 3, 2017. The new administrator admitted that the nature of work in the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) is way far than his previous assignment in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

"It’s true that this setting is unusual to what I am accustomed back in AFP but I assure you that I have the experiences and resolve to learn the ropes”, he said.

The former AFP chief believed that the country is fortunate to have vast farmlands and that agriculture remains a primary feature to which our country face prides on.

“That is why we are giving tantamount attention to it (agriculture) by developing sustainable irrigation systems”, he added

In his speech, Administrator Visaya firmly laid down the foundation of his commitments to the agency and the irrigation sector. These include (1) Eradication of graft and corruption, (2) Instituting measures aim to improve the delivery of our service, (3) Uplifting the morale and welfare of NIA’s human resource, and (4) Strengthening administration’s organization structures and development essential capabilities.

He honestly admitted that just like in any organizations there are stains of graft and corruption but stated that there are still hopes to remove the dirt as per the efforts of the Duterte administration deepens and intensifies.

He also wanted to assure that the fuel of our agriculture (irrigation systems) is remarkably sustainable. He further noted that boosting the morale of NIA’s employees is one of his priorities as it is a way to express to them that they are valued and respected.

“Excellent performers beget excellent results”, Visaya told.

The NIA chief also wanted to acquire more modern and state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to upgrade the services and performances of the agency.

At the end of his speech, he asked for everyone’s support and commitment to steer the agency towards a better position.

“I will promote dependability and teamwork because I alone cannot accomplish these things hence I seek everyone’s support and together we can be better”, he emphasized

Right after the ceremony, the NIA administrator went directly to the conference room together with NIA officials including division, department, and CO-based project managers for the 1st Management Committee Conference (ManComm) under his stewardship.

He reminded the group to do their job well and do it rightly and legally. He also advised everyone that he will personally check on delayed irrigation projects all throughout the country.