Press Release

NIA kicks off P775-million Macalelon SRIP construction

Monday, August 5, 2019 - 15:43


The National Irrigation Administration (NIA), headed by Administrator Ricardo R Visaya, conducted the Groundbreaking and Capsule-Laying Ceremony of the P775-million Macalelon Small Reservoir Irrigation Project (Macalelon SRIP) on July 29, 2019 at Barangay Vista Hermoza, Macalelon, Quezon. This signifies the official start of the said multi-million irrigation project.

Macalelon SRIP aims to enhance the agricultural productivity of the Municipality of Macalelon, to create more employment opportunities, and to improve the living environment of the locals. The project includes the construction of a 22.5-meter high zoned-earthfill embankment dam and its appurtenant structures with active storage capacity of 3.504 million cubic meters, as well as irrigation, drainage, and project facilities, conduct of detailed engineering/pre-construction activities, institutional development programs, Right-of-Way (ROW) acquisitions, and resettlement of project-affected families.

NIA and SNAP switch on pilot floating solar project in Magat reservoir

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 16:58


The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) and SN Aboitiz Power Group (SNAP) switched on the 200-kilowatt pilot floating solar project on a 2,500-square meter area over the Magat reservoir on June 27, 2019 in Ramon, Isabela.

Maximizing the utilization of its irrigation facilities is one of the projects of NIA Administrator Ricardo R. Visaya such as developing its dams and reservoirs for renewable energy. In response to such project, SNAP constructed a pilot floating solar project at the Magat reservoir. It is the first of its kind over a NIA facility in the country and SNAP’s first floating solar project.

The project presents an opportunity to generate clean energy while conserving precious land area that could potentially serve other purposes, particularly for agriculture.

In his message, Administrator Visaya said, “I shared also to them (SNAP) my concern about some agricultural lands being converted into solar fields. I wanted to save these agricultural lands. If this (land-based solar installation) will continue, then there will be no more areas to be irrigated.”

NIA acquires P116.82-M heavy equipment

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 16:42


NIA Central Office – The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) acquires 18 units of heavy equipment worth P116.82 million for use in the construction and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities of irrigation projects nationwide. The purchase of light/transport and heavy equipment constitutes the three-year re-fleeting program of the Agency from CY 2017 to 2019.

In a simple turnover ceremony on July 08, 2019 at the NIA Grounds, the procured heavy equipment is turned over by the winning bidder, Civic Merchandising, Inc., to the NIA Top Management Officials led by Administrator Ricardo R. Visaya and witnessed by Central Office Department Managers and employees.

For CY 2017, NIA purchased 34 units of light/transport vehicles and 17 units of heavy equipment. For CY 2018, NIA acquired 91 units of light/transport vehicles and 18 units of heavy equipment. Meanwhile, five units of heavy equipment and 91 units of light/transport vehicles are set for procurement this 2019.

NIA files formal charge against two officials for Bugko Dam Project anomalies

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 - 13:36


Central Office – Recently, Administrator Ricardo R. Visaya of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) filed a formal charge against its two incumbent provincial irrigation management officials after an investigation report found a prima facie case for violating Section 46 of the Revised Administrative Code of 1987 and Section 4 of Republic Act No. 6713 or the “Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.” It is due to their failure to implement the appropriate preventive/corrective measures that contributed to the damages of the diversion dam of the Bugko Irrigation Project on September 12, 2017 at Barangay Mirador, Mondragon, Northern Samar.

The case has been endorsed to the Committee on Discipline for the conduct of formal investigation. Under Rule 8 of the 2017 Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service, a formal investigation shall be conducted where the merits of the case cannot be decided judiciously without conducting such investigation or when the respondent elects to have one.


NIA kicks off P775-million Macalelon SRIP construction
NIA and SNAP switch on pilot floating solar project in Magat reservoir
NIA acquires P116.82-M heavy equipment