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NIA-Snap Signed Memorandum of Agreement

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 09:45

National Irrigation Administration (NIA) and SN Aboitiz Power Corporation (SNAP) signed the Memorandum of Agreement signaling the start of the conduct of a Feasibility Study on the MARIS Reservoir Optimization Project. The study will be undertaken by SN Aboitiz Corporation with NIA providing assistance. The project aims to a) increase the operating range of MARIS Reservoir thus providing more live storage, and hence, allowing irrigation releases and power generation to be optimized, b) allow the existing MARIS Dam to be upgraded to meet international standards of safety, and c) investigate possible improvements to the irrigation outlet works at MARIS Dam. Optimization of MARIS Reservoir will allow NIA and SNAP to realize the benefits of increasing the maximum elevation of MARIS Reservoir from 104.75 masl to 108 masl.

Signing the MOA for NIA is Administrator Antonio S. Nangel and for SNAP is its President Emmanuel V. Rubio. Witnessing the signing are Atty. Genever M. Dionio - Department Manager of NIA Legal Services and Engr. Celso C. Caballero III - Assistant Vice President for Business Development of SNAP.

NIA Administrator in Ilocos Sorties

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 09:30

"Management by going around" is what Administrator Antonio S. Nangel of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) strategy in running an agency as huge as the NIA. Administrator Nangel believes that going down to the level where the action takes place, is more effective in knowing first-hand the real situation in the field.

His sorties started in Vigan, Ilocos Sur where he attended the Project Managers’ Conference which aimed to assess the progress of project implementation of big projects nationwide. Project Managers whose projects were evaluated to be lagging behind were advised to prepare catch-up plans in order to complete the projects as targeted. The generated areas of these projects contribute to the target areas for attaining the rice self-sufficiency program.

The project visitation of the completed Banaoang Pump Irrigation Project along with a Farmers' Forum was next in the Administrator's itinerary. Together with DA Secretary Proceso J. Alcala, Administrator Nangel briefed Secretary Alcala of the various components of the pump project as well as other important information such as the total project cost, irrigated area, farmer-beneficiaries and funding source. During the Farmers’ Forum, Secretary Alcala advised the farmers to utilize the irrigation system as efficient as possible to reap utmost benefits from it. With the irrigation system, the farmers are now assured of irrigation water supply throughout the year.

NIA Celebrates 48th Founding Anniversary

Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 07:45

The National Irrigation Administration celebrated its 48th Founding Anniversary during the Irrigation Week on June 20-24, 2011. Secretary Proceso J. Alcala was the Guest of Honor and Speaker during its anniversary program held on June 24, 2011 at IEC Bldg, NIA Office, Quezon City (see separate story).

Highlighting the celebration is the awarding of recognition to outstanding performers both from the NIA and from the Irrigators Associations (IA). From the NIA, the highest award of Most Distinguished Award went to no less than the NIA Administrator Antonio S. Nangel, together with Engr. Reynaldo C. Mencias and Engr. Reynado C. Adao, Project Managers of Agno River Integrated River Irrigation System and Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Project-Irrigation Component, respectively. Administrator Nangel was also conferred the Hall of Fame Award for receiving three consecutive Most Outstanding Operations Manager of the Year, a feat he earned while he was the Operations Manager of the Upper Pampanga River Integrated Irrigation System (UPRIIS). Other awardees include Regional Manager of the Year for Engr. Alberto B. Lacuaren, Regional Manager of NIA Region 9, Most Outstanding Frontline Irrigation Manager to Engr. Josephine B. Salazar from UPRIIS, Outstanding Frontline Irrigation Managers, Most Outstanding ISF Collector of the Year, Outstanding ISF Collector of the Year, among others.

Secretary Proceso J. Alcala is Guest of Honor at NIA 48th Anniversary

Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 07:30

Secretary Proceso J. Alcala was the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the 48th Founding Anniversary of the National Irrigation Administration during the culmination of Irrigation Week on June 24, 2011 held at the Convention Hall, IEC Bldg., NIA Office, Quezon City.

In his message, Secretary Alcala underscored the important role of the NIA in attaining the rice self-sufficiency program of the Aquino Administration, being implemented by the Department of Agriculture under his watch. He also called on the Irrigators Association, whom he appreciated their inclusion and recognition in the NIA anniversary celebration, to work hand-in-hand with NIA and the DA, as he committed to provide all the needed support programs to make the goal of rice self-sufficiency successful.

On the other hand, NIA Administrator Antonio S. Nangel acknowledged the support and cooperation of all Regional / Operations / Project Managers as well as their understanding of the gargantuan responsibility given to NIA in the attainment of the rice self-sufficiency program of the government. He extolled them to perform their best as they are the frontline implementers of the program. He also asked them, what would they like best remembered in the history of NIA?

Irrigation Project Inside Iwahig Penal Colony

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - 15:45

The National Irrigation Administration thru its Regional Office No. 4-B has started the construction of the Iwahig – Balsahan Irrigation Project right inside the compound of the Iwahig Penal Colony in Puerto Princesa City. Due to security reasons, the commencement of the project took quite sometime, nevertheless, ending up with a Memorandum of Agreement between the Bureau of Corrections and the National Irrigation Administration. The signing of the MOA was facilitated by no less than DA Secretary Proceso J. Alcala and NIA Administrator Antonio S. Nangel.

The ongoing project is funded under GAA with a project cost of P 40 Million funded under GAA. It will irrigate about 414 hectares and will benefit 120 inmates of the Iwahig Penal Colony. It is interesting to know that life in that prison is not a life behind bars, but a life with nature because the place is abundant with tress, flora and fauna. The inmates though of different categories enjoy a life outside prison bars. During the visit of Administrator Nangel and other NIA officials, it was observed that the inmates are engaged in farming, beautification of compound and other livelihood activities. Some inmates are also employed as skilled and non-skilled laborers in the construction of the irrigation project.


NIA-Snap Signed Memorandum of Agreement
NIA Administrator in Ilocos Sorties
Secretary Proceso J. Alcala is Guest of Honor at NIA 48th Anniversary
Irrigation Project Inside Iwahig Penal Colony