Administrator Nangel in NIA-LGU-IA Consultation Meeting

May 16, 2011, 9:15 AM

IA Administrator Antonio S. Nangel recently attended the NIA-LGU-IA Consultation Meeting held at the Aklan State University in Aklan on May 6, 2011. It was attended by the Presidents of various Irrigators Association in the province, local government units and NIA officials from NIA Region VI headed by Regional Manager Gerardo P. Corsiga.

The theme and focus of the consultation meeting is the presentation of plans and programs on irrigation development for the province of Aklan. Issues and problems not only of the farmers but the LGU as well were brought out and actions were taken and/or solutions recommended.

Leading the LGU officials is no other then Congressman Florencio Miraflores. Other LGU includes Mayor Antonio Mameng of Banga, Mayor Ramon Legaspi of Makato, Mayor Maria Lourdes Miraflores (wife of Congressman Miraflores) of Ibahay, Mayor William Lachica of Kalibo, Mayor Victor Fernandez. Other guests also include personalities from the press, Philippine Information Agency and Bombo Radyo.

Congressman Miraflores commended Administrator Nangel whom he said was the only NIA Administrator to conduct this consultation and going down to the area to feel and listen to the needs of the farmers and LGU. For his part, Administrator Nangel expressed his appreciation to the support and understanding of the National and Local Government Units to the programs of the NIA.

Later in the afternoon after the consultation meeting, Administrator Nangel met with Congressman Antonio del Rosario of the first district of Capiz and with Governor Vic Tanco of the same province. Both meetings were very productive in that the plans and programs of the NIA for the province of Capiz were spelled out and possible problems threshed out. Congressman del Rosario also commended Administrator Nangel for his reaching out to the various stakeholders.

NIA-LGU-IA Consultation Meeting at Aklan State University. With Administrator Antonio S. Nangel is Congressman Florencio Miraflores (to his right) and Mayor Maria Lourdes Miraflores of Ibahay Municipality, Aklan. At the podium is Mayor Antonio S. Mameng of Banga, Aklan. Partly hidden is Mayor Ramon Legaspi of the Municipality of Makato, Aklan. (Mayor Makato is the President of Mayors’ League of Aklan.

Administrator Nangel inspecting Aklan River, the source of irrigation water for Aklan-Panakuyan RIS, together with Mayor Mameng of Banga, Aklan, Region VI Regional Manager Gerardo Corsiga.

Administrator Nangel with Congressman Antonio del Rosario of 1st District of Capiz.

Administrator Nangel with Governor Vic Tanco of the Province of Capiz.