ASN visits Banaoang Pump Irrigation Project

June 21, 2011, 11:30 AM

Administrator Antonio S. Nangel (ASN) visited the Banaoang Pump Irrigation Project (BPIP), in Ilocos Sur on June 9, 2011. After briefing conference with BPIP officials led by PM Santiago P. Gorospe, RM John N. Celeste with key regional office personnel, and China National Constructional and Agricultural Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CAMC) managers, he proceeded to BPIP Pumping Station Complex in San Mariano, Bantay, Ilocos Sur.

Among the features of the complex presented by CAMC Managers, Mr. Richard Cheng and Mr. Daniel Liu, to ASN and party were the state-of- the-art Pumping Station Computer Control System, the seven (7) units electric powered pumps designed for 6,000 ha, and cooling water pumps, among others. The Administrator was impressed with the facilities as compared to other pumping stations he had seen before. Afterward, he led the field inspection along the main canal, making observations and giving instructions. Among his instructions were - to put a rain gauge station every 500 ha, cut trees along canal embankment, put up staff gauge in the inlet to know Q, coordinate with LGU, and implement water management. Nine Irrigators Association Presidents and farmer-members expressed their heartfelt gratitude to ASN for the construction of BPIP. The partial operation during the Dry Season of 2010 gave the farmers a glimpse of the benefits reaped from the irrigation project. In his message, the Administrator encouraged the farmers to use water wisely and assured them of NIA’s readiness to assist them in availing agricultural support services offered by the government.

The construction of BPIP is being financed by the People's Republic of China thru the CAMC. The project has constructed one pumping station and sub-station, installed seven (7) units of electric powered pumps, and constructed 1.40-km tunnel and 614-m closed conduit, 18-km main canal and 32-km lateral canals. It also built 90-km main and 176-km supplementary farmditches, 50-km O&M roads, 30-km drainage canals and 11.80-km transmission lines. It aims to provide irrigation service to seven (7) municipalities of Ilocos Sur such as: Bantay, Vigan, Caoayan, San Vicente, San Ildefonso, Sto Domingo, and Magsingal, with the generation of 5,232 ha of new areas and benefitting about 4,000 farming households.

After two extensions, BPIP is now scheduled for turn over to Region 1 for operation and maintenance before the year ends.