Item No.: 
Salary/Job Grade: 
No. of Position/s: 
Monthy Salary: 
PhP 80,003
Internal Audit Services
Responsibility Center: 
Organization and Management Audit Division
Master’s degree or Certificate in Leadership and Management from the CSC
4 years of supervisory/management experience
40 hours of supervisory/management training/learning and development intervention
Career Service (Professional) / Second Level Eligibility
Duties & Responsibilities: 
  • Formulate and establish the annual goals, objectives and performance targets of the organization and management auditing unit with concurrence of concerned agency officials;
  • Supervise and direct the audit review and analysis of existing management practices, problems and deficiencies and other records relative to organization, systems and procedures, and activities of various organizational units of the agency and provide assistance to concerned officials in resolving problems by recommending realistic courses of action;
  • Supervise the conduct of internal audit inspection and examination in the administrative organization of the agency to determine the degree of compliance with established objectives, policies, regulations and approved operating procedures;
  • Plan and direct the conduct of audit of existing work methods, systems and procedures and process of work flow and recommend modifications and improvements;
  • Plan and coordinate the audit review on the development and updating of positions, work requirements and performance standards of every position in the different organizational units and offices of the agency and recommend changes or modifications where appropriate;
  • Review written audit reports and if necessary, discuss with auditors and the appropriate management sector the conclusions and recommendations in the audit findings prior to completion and final approval of the audit report;
  • Check and monitor if auditors have conducted follow-up review to ensure that the corrective measures were implemented;
  • Develop plans and programs relative to management improvement of the Agency in coordination with top management;
  • Supervise the evaluation of existing methods and procedures of the different organizational units and recommend revisions if needed, to simplify the systems of work flow;
  • Supervise the review and evaluation of organization proposals of newly approved foreign assisted and/or locally funded projects;
  • Plan and direct the conduct of inventory and project completion report of phasing-out projects with respect to utilization of resources and restructuring the organization against budget proposal for the operation and maintenance of newly completed projects;
  • Direct the conduct of regular management surveys, specials studies and researches in organization, general office practice, management systems and procedures and provide recommendations for improvement;
  • Responsible for work performance and discipline of audit staff;
  • Perform other related functions.
Deadline of Application: 
Saturday, October 8, 2022 - 00:00
Date Repost: 
Thursday, September 29, 2022 - 00:00
Saturday, October 8, 2022 - 00:00