Division Manager A

Item No.: 
Salary/Job Grade: 
No. of Position/s: 
Monthy Salary: 
PhP 80,003
Corporate Planning Services
Responsibility Center: 
Planning and Programming Division
Master's Degree or Certificate in Leadership and Management from the CSC
4 years of supervisory / management experience
40 hours of supervisory / management training/learning and development intervention
Career Service (Professional) / Second Level Eligibility
Duties & Responsibilities: 
  • Direct the identification of key result areas and performance indicators in relation to corporate mandate objectives, thrusts and strategies, review criteria for evaluation of corporate performance;
  • Direct the monitoring of development goals and policies relative to irrigation and determination of the possible effects on the agency;
  • Direct and review the preparation of quarterly work and financial plan and agency performance measures;
  • Direct the preparation of project allocation and physical targets, list of sub-projects by congressional district, by province and by region;
  • Direct the conduct of consultative meeting and workshops necessary in the preparation of the annual irrigation budget proposal;
  • Direct and review the preparation and updating of the agency’s annual irrigation program, Philippine Development Plan (PDP), Public Investment Program (PIP), Three Year Rolling Infrastructure Program (TRIP), Comprehensive & Integrated Infrastructure Program (CIIP), and Budget Strategy;
  • Review the preparation and updating of the long-term indicative irrigation development program and review the assessment of impact of indicative irrigation targets on the national and regional status of irrigation development and on the country’s food production program;
  • Plan and direct the preparation and updating the of agency’s corporate plan and formulation of corporate thrust and strategies, identification of challenges faced by the Agency, and determine agency’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats (SWOT);
  • Direct the preparation of request for fund realignment and additional budget;
  • Conduct field inspection, if necessary, to validate project accomplishment requesting additional funding support;
  • Monitor and assess the Agency’s irrigation program from project preparation to project implementation, operations and maintenance (O&M) to determine Agency performance;
  • Evaluate the Agency operations from project preparation to project implementation, operations and maintenance (O&M), and proposes plans and programs for their continual improvement (e.g., updating of operations manual, whenever necessary, in collaboration with concerned NIA offices);
  • Implement performance monitoring and evaluation within the Agency to include, but not limited to, (1) periodic monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the NIA units and offices, and (2) provision of information on commitments/targets and corresponding accomplishments of the Agency and/or delivery units to internal and external entities or other reportorial bodies in compliance with administrative, functional and/or operational requirements (e.g., regular and special monitoring and evaluation reports including the monitoring of the Agency Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS);
  • Monitor Agency compliance to the Commission on Audits (COA) Annual Audit Reports (AAR) including deficiencies in documentary requirements on Awarded Contracts, Terminated Contracts, On-going Contracts/Projects with Negative Slippage, Irrigation Contracts with delayed implementation, and delayed Contracts/Projects with Defaulting Contractors;
  • Direct and review the preparation and updating of investment programming guidelines and standards in the preparation of annual capital outlay proposal in conformity with the changing priorities and strategies of the agency and national government;
  • Direct and review the project proposals for inclusion in the annual capital outlay based on the approved targets to be undertaken by the Agency and set priorities for balanced development and incorporate corresponding fund support included in the overall program;
  • Supervise the preparation of policy, position and issue papers; review and evaluate policies proposed by other NIA units; and
  • Perform other related functions.
Deadline of Application: 
Friday, October 14, 2022 - 17:00