NIA Administrator discusses agency's infra-program

October 16, 2013, 7:45 AM

National Irrigation Administration (NIA) chief Claro V. Maranan discussed the details of the NIA’s Infrastructure Program during the General Membership Meeting of The Philippines Constructors’ Association Inc. last September 27, 2013 at Discovery Suites, Ortigas Center in Pasig City.

The NIA administrator was invited to the said event as guest speaker where he talked about the agency’s approach to meet all its irrigation targets for the year 2013.

He laid out his Seven Point Program as NIA’s approach composed of rapid delivery of irrigation projects; rectification of irrigation data inputs’ organizational reform; corporate financial stability; empowerment of NIAns; better working conditions and environment; comprehensive climate change program for irrigation; and stronger commitment to farmers for lasting cooperation and partnership.

Based on his program the administrator was able to finish the rectification of data in two months time and requested the board to allow regions who have capability to implement, design and to bid the projects to fast track the implementation of projects.

He also plans to make NIA a viable corporation through new programs such as power generation through mini-hydro plants. The agency has identified 160 sites and has talked with investors so that in the future, NIA would be able to earn more revenue from the power generation.

In terms of people empowerment, Maranan also emphasized the need for contractors to be more committed and support each other for the faster delivery of services. In terms of Climate Change, he plans on using more durable materials that would last longer and cut down on maintenance cost.

"I think we can do better in our construction through proper implementation of the project. We should also be partners with the contractors because we need their dedication, capability and commitment so that we can deliver our services to the country," Maranan said.

He laso mentioned that there are new projects undertaken by NIA such as the Jalaur project that will be completed in 2016 and will generate there dams powered by 6.6 megawatt hydro-power plant and an 81-kilometer highline canal expected to benefit 10 villages and the Balog-Balog composed of one big dam and three small dams which will benefit 23,000 farmers and to generate 73,100 jobs.

The Administrator later answered questions from the guests and members during the open forum segment of the program. Maranan thanked PCA President Augusto Manalo and Vice President Rey Villar for inviting them to this important occasion.