NIA Attains Corporate Viability

February 5, 2013, 7:15 AM

The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) attains corporate financial viability in CY 2012, according to financial records submitted by the Finance Department of the agency. This is the first time the NIA attains this status.

Records show that NIA generated P3.7 B in total revenues with total expenditures of P2.4B, giving a Net Income of P1.3 B in CY 2012. Of the total income, Irrigation Service Fees represented 40% which, is the main source of income for the NIA. Incidentally, all the regional offices of the NIA attain financial viability. The region with the highest increment in Net Income is Region 9 with 95% increment. In terms of ISF increment, Region 7 posted the highest. On the other hand, Magat River Integrated Irrigation System (MARIIS) posted the highest income in terms of money value, followed by Upper Pampanga River Integrated Irrigation System (UPRIIS), Region 12, 10, and 7.

In a dialogue between Secretary Alcala, Bureau of Corrections Director General Gaudencio Pangilinan, NIA Administrator Antonio S. Nangel agreed to introduce other programs within the Iwahig Penal Colony to make the inmates productive once they get out from Iwahig Penal Colony.

The excellent performance is attributed to the able leadership of NIA Administrator Antonio S. Nangel, who has been a hands-on manager, seeing to it that all plans and programs are implemented. His management style of "going around" contributed much to this excellent performance. Not to mention the support of all Management officials and other key officials at the Central Office, who unselfishly gave their time and effort to realize this performance. Kudos to all Regional, Operations, and Project Managers who adopted and implemented all the instructions and strategies provided by Management Officials.

This performance should likewise give credit to all the Irrigators Associations nationwide who provided the necessary assistance, cooperation and collaboration with NIA.