NIA pushes P2.1-billion irrigation project in Mindanao

March 11, 2023, 2:59 PM


NIA Region XII – The National Irrigation Administration, under the leadership of Acting Administrator Engr. Eduardo Eddie G. Guillen, fast-tracks the completion of the Malitubog-Maridagao Irrigation Project – Stage II (MMIP-II) in the Municipality of Pikit, North Cotabato. Despite numerous challenges on peace and order, security, and natural calamities, the project is expected to be completed by December 2023.

Originally, MMIP was a P3.1-billion irrigation covering 13 barangays in Cotabato and four (4) barangays in Maguindanao with a target area of 10,840 hectares to benefit 4,549 farmer-beneficiaries. The project was intended as a peace-building measure and as a catalyst to improve the lives of the farmers and other stakeholders.

With the completion of the MMIP Phase I, a total of 5,562 hectares in Maridagao service area and 1,611 hectares in Upper Malitubog service area have been provided with irrigation service. With its significant socioeconomic benefits and opportunities through job generation from project implementation stage to agricultural production stage, the project was instrumental in transforming the previously war zone area to an economic zone.

Furthermore, the P5.133-billion MMIP-II which covers an area of 10,541 hectares is envisioned for the completion of the mega project including its missionary purpose of providing livelihood income to MILF combatants and generating peace and order in the Lower Malitubog area. Scheduled for completion in 2018, various challenges slowed down the project implementation for several years.

With the goal to complete this ‘peace project’ in 2022, MMIP-II was reinforced by NIA Region XII, spearheaded by Regional Manager Engr. Diosdado A. Rosales, with the support of the Local Government Units (LGUs), other line agencies, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Administrator Guillen supported the desire to complete the project as he visited MMIP-II project site and personally talked to the residents about the positive impacts and benefits of the project completion.

At present, residents cannot even plant corn because of the area’s susceptibility to flooding. Witnessing first-hand the plight of the people in the area, Administrator Guillen believes that investing more irrigation projects in the area will surely impact the lives of more MILF combatants and families as what happened to MMIP Phase I areas.

In consonance with the 5-Point Peace, Reconciliation, and Unity Agenda of the President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. towards healing and reconciliation in the Bangsamoro, the NIA, headed by Administrator Guillen, aims to implement another P2.1-billion worth of irrigation project in the Lower Malitubog area to irrigate about 800 hectares of additional agricultural land. This coincides to the directive to prioritize, intensify, and accelerate the implementation of development initiatives such as irrigation facilities for the improvement of BARMM. With the objective of promoting peace and the spirit of bayanihan, the NIA continues its irrigation development thrust on war zone areas.

Once this project is realized, it will further boost the agricultural productivity in the area that would redound to achieving peace and order and socioeconomic development and ultimately improve the lives of our farmers in this part of Central Mindanao. Indeed, a legacy of peace and economic growth for the nation.

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NIA Acting Administrator Eddie G. Guillen talks to the farmers of Pikit, North Cotabato about the positive impacts and benefits of the completion of MMIP-II.


NIA Acting Administrator Eddie G. Guillen talks to the residents of Pikit, North Cotabato to solicit their support towards the successful implementation of MMIP-II


An advocate of unity and bayanihan spirit, Administrator Guillen gets a chance to personally talk to a member of MILF with a heart of compassion.


NIA Acting Administrator Eddie G. Guillen together with the family of an MILF member in Pikit, North Cotabato