Press Release

NIA Region IV-B Created

Monday, April 4, 2011 - 11:45

The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) in its Board Resolution No. 7678 – 11 adopted on March 14, 2011 authorized the creation of Regional Office No. IV-B. The creation was pursued by the various Representatives and Local Government Units officials comprising MIMAROPA or Region IV-B. The creation is in line with the geographical and political sub-division.

On his part, NIA Administrator Antonio S. Nangel said that the creation of NIA Region IV would hasten irrigation development in that new region considering that full attention could be given by the new organization. Region IV-B has a potential irrigable area of about 149,250 hectares and area developed as of today is only 45,500 ha or about 30%.

In a simple ceremony coinciding the awarding of recognition for Outstanding NIA and Irrigators Association held in Palawan on March 31, 2011, Administrator Nangel hand over the memorandum to Engr. Conrado V. Cardenas, Jr. designating him Interim Officer-In-Charge of the NIA Regional Office No. IV-B. It was witnessed by no less than DA Undersecretary for Administration and Finance Antonio A. Fleta, NIA Deputy Administrator for Administrative and Finance, NIA Region IV-A Regional Manager Efren S. Roqueza and other NIA Officials. NIA Region IV-B will hold office at Calapan City, Mindoro Oriental.

NIA Chief in Mindanao Sorties

Monday, April 4, 2011 - 11:45

ENGR. ANTONIO S. NANGEL, Administrator of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) went on sorties in Mindanao during the period March 16-18, 2011, specifically in Misamis Oriental and Occidental to attend to various events related to irrigation development.

Administrator Nangel visited ALISA Irrigators Association in Alupijid, Misamis Oriental where the farmers demonstrated how they make organic fertilizer out of banana peels, rice stalks and other materials. They also produce Indigenous Micro Organism which they mix to hasten decay/decomposition of materials. The organic fertilizers are used by the farmers thus reducing use of chemical fertilizers: in turn, reducing their farming expenses, increasing their yield and eventually income. The farmers said that organic fertilizer enabled them to harvest 100-120 cavans per hectare. Incidentally, the ALISA Irrigators Association has been a consistent awardee as Most Outstanding IA not only in Region 10 but also a runner-up in the national category. Mayor Giovanni Labis expressed his gratitude for the support NIA is giving to his constituents. In turn, Mayor Labis committed to share in the cost for air drier, which the IA requested from NIA. Administrator Nangel said the ALISA IA can be a model to other IAs nationwide.


Monday, April 4, 2011 - 11:45

NIA Administrator Antonio S. Nangel recently visited two Small Reservoir Irrigation Projects (SRIP) in Negros Oriental which he proved to be the turning point of the lives of the farmers in Zamboanguita and Dauin in the province. The Calango SRIP in Zamboanguita change the lives of the farmers as they attested that before, the people thereat could hardly afford to eat rice, saying that "they only eat rice when somebody in the family is sick". Completed in 2000, the project had since changed that outlook, saying, they can eat as many times they want. The SRIP enabled the farmers to plant rice at least twice a year and vegetables year round supplying nearby municipalities. With the introduction of organic technology by the Department of Agriculture, they have shifted from chemical to organic fertilizer which their Irrigators Association produced. They attest that organic fertilizer increased their yield to 100-120 cav per ha/cropping season.