Supplemental Notice No. 3 to the Bid Documents for the Excavation of Re-Regulating Pond, Construction of Slope Protection and Drainage Inlet (Sta. 0+000-Sta. 0+260 and Sta. 0+740-Sta. 1+270) under the Lower Agno River Irrigation System Improvement Project

A. The following changes/information are hereby made on the above captioned Invitation to Bid:

     1. Delete Attachment Sheet No. 5 of Supplemental Notice No. 2 and substitute the herein attached replacement sheet

         (Attachement Sheet No. 5A)

B. Receipt of this Notice must be acknowledged by the Bidders at the Office of the BAC-A Secretariat,

     6th Floor, NIA BUilding "A", this Agency.

Supplemental Notice
BAC-A Secretariat, 6th Floor, NIA BUilding A